Bali paradise

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These adventures keep getting deeper. Bali is amazing on several fronts.  The quality and craftsmanship of their arts and furniture and batik is extraordinary. Old wooded hand carved furniture is a mix of sculpture, spirit, and SE Asian design rolled into one. There are long beaches, terraced rice fields, jungle, active volcano, wonderful food.  I can see why this place has that mystical ring just in saying the name.

 Inside Bali House

You can get lost in the tourist shops on the main streets.  The surfers and Aussies are all a little too much, but turn left, and you are in a surreal landscape temple.  It’s all Hindu here, with a pool filled with lotus flowers and vine covered walls with statues of gods and this little cafe over looking all this with really beautiful and tasty food.

Bali Hindu Temple

Bali Lotus Temple

This sounds like tourist brochure words, but this place has captured me.  It’s off season right now, maybe too hot, and some of the beaches were closed to rip tides.  Many of the villas and hotels were empty. But the gamelan music was every where, with fresh wild looking fruit and flowers.  I am coming back to this place. 

Bali Dancers

I may buy a container of large stone carved Buddha heads, 5 feet tall, and sell them to pay for another trip back to Bali. This is an eyes wide-open dream.

Bali Stone Worker

Back to Bangkok and work, got to get this exhibit farther along, feeling some pressure to get it right, but it is coming along. 

Brother Mark

Bali Beach

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Woolly Bro’s

Scott, I have my feet firmly planted in the sand, listening to the waves here in Bali. Your assignment helps me ponder this dream I am deeply involved in. The sun is setting gently, a beautiful young Balinese woman brings me a cold lime and fresh coconut drink, when this man walks by with his bass. The melody I hear being carried  to me on the wind is gamalan music, so perfect here. I am captured in the breath of the moment.

 Bali beach

Brother Mario

Photos from Mario

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Enjoy these photos.

Here’s our favorite cafe.

Bali - our favorite cafe

 Cleaning the moat.

Bali - cleaning the moat

Mario – – – – !

Mario —

Twenty five feet tall statue.

Large Statue

Eliz swimming.

 Eliz swimming

Bali wedding.

Bali wedding

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