Sketch’n and relax’n

February 11, 2015 on 10:01 am | In Art, FRANCE | No Comments

The look of France, btw, I have blue swede shoes on too.


Jean Cocteau Museum with friends.

Jean Cocteau

Having a cup.

A cup for Ode

Monte Carlo

February 6, 2015 on 10:18 am | In FRANCE | No Comments

Traveling along the Cote d Azur 40 minutes by local bus, I am in Monte Carlo, some serious galleries and museums to see. Even in winter, 55 some days, 42 some mornings, still an adventure just walking down the street. More grey days, then the sun comes out and the view dazzles me. Glad to unravel over these three months, many new kinds of stimulations and inspirations to refill the engine. Rainy day, still in bed at noon, last night I worked on my journal, and got my best art done since I arrived, been waiting to turn that corner. That feels good.

Not sure what the rest of day holds, there is a small flea market just opened up in empty building a block from here, hmm….yesterday near to where I was, three military/police were attacked, I saw 30 soldiers block off a street, as my bus passed. 25 more days in Nice, got a list of things to see.

Monte Carlo


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