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Bangkok continues to challenge us on many levels. We spent 7 hours yesterday in lines trying to get our visa extended, hot, 100’s of people in small sweaty rooms, no air con, and I think we got a 7 day extension only, we want a 60 day. So we need to leave the country next week and come back in to get 30 more days. There is a system here of doing things, we just don’t know what it is.
Last Thursday, I gave another presentation to this exhibit committee, mostly Thai women in their 30s, representing UNESCO and the Museum, and one other westerner like me. I have a large video screen behind me with my designs. I showed a panel about masturbation facts, normal for teens all over the world, both sexes.I am up for this challenge, my designs look good.  This is an exhibit on safe sex, and sex education for teens. What proceeded was an hour long talk in two languages about how this translates into the Thai language, and just what is appropriate in Thailand. They know there is a mandate from both institutions to design this exhibit on sex education for teens.
One person wasn’t sure this was common all over the world. One person wanted to show these designs to the Minister of Education to sign off before we go farther. Maybe we can’t talk about sex in this sexual education exhibit. There may be a language gap here. I am realizing why there is no sex education in the schools now. The meeting ended, I hadn’t got to my other panels yet, on gender or sexual abuse, or dating, condoms, HIV, or the beauty of love and touching. There is a Thai system of doing things, I am still finding my way. I left the meeting very confused, and mellowed out with a jack daniels on our balcony over looking this hazy city.


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